Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Its day 10 on the island, and I'm slowly going insane. 

Not really... but I am bored out of my mind. Andrew started work on Monday, and we still haven't moved into a house yet. So I'm stuck in this hot apartment until what feels like eternity. 

I forced myself out of the house today and went to the Cafe Poetico again. I ordered a huge mug of coffee, and sat down and read a book for awhile. I then ventured out to the Marshall's (a retail store) across the street and shopped for bathing suits and sun dresses. I ended up only buying two tank tops and sour Jelly Beans (which I was so excited about!) 

The mug was really as big as my face
Unfortunately for right now, that's all there really is for me to do around here. I cant job hunt, because we aren't in the area that we plan on living, and I also don't have my car yet. I cant unpack because, well, there is nothing and nowhere to unpack. I cant write thank you notes for the wedding, because all my cards are packed up in storage. So for right now, all there is for me to do is shop, get coffee, read books, and watch TV. Back home, that would be bliss, and I would be perfectly fine with that. But here, I just feel so un-settled. I feel stuck, and helpless, and like there is just an abyss of boring in my future. And its making me crazy. I know this is just a hard time that I have to wait out. But its hard. Anyone that knows me, knows that I am the most impatient person on planet earth. 10 days feels like a lifetime to me. But I know this will pass, and everything will be okay again.

 At least the coffee here is amazing! 

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Adventures in Puerto Rico!

Here I am in Puerto Rico, sitting on a couch in a 100 year old apartment. The tropical rain is pounding the rooftops outside the open windows, and the ceiling fan is on full blast. Sex In The City is playing on mute in the background and my Husband is sleeping with his mouth open beside me. Life is good right now.

This morning Andrew and I drove to Dorado, to the house that we are interested in buying. Dorado is a cozy little beach town, nestled between the ocean, and the jungle. The house is tucked away in a modern looking neighborhood that makes you feel like you could possibly be in the States. We drove to the beach that is 3 minutes from the house, and spent the morning playing in the ocean and laying on the hot white sand underneath the shade of many palm trees. We then ventured out on our first grocery shopping trip! The closest grocery store is Amigos, which is a branch of Wal Mart, so it was very easy to maneuver around and figure everything out. We then made the trip back into the bustling city of San Juan where we are staying. After parking the car about a mile from the apartment, we walked the streets of Old San Juan with all our groceries, and managed to lug them up the 3 (long) flights of stairs to the apartment.

It was nice to get away and spend the morning just the two of us, exploring the island a little bit. Since the day we arrived here, we have been moving at a pretty fast pace. Our realtor, Carlos, and his Wife picked us up on Monday morning and drove us around, showing us the island, properties for rent and churches we could attend. Then they introduced us to Puerto Rican coffee, and my life is forever changed! Tuesday Morning, Andrew and I ventured out into Old San Juan by ourselves in search of a coffee place. We stumbled upon this place called Cafe Poetica. A small coffee shop with notebook paper looking walls, books on every table and a weekly poetry reading night. Definitely a place to go back too. Then on Tuesday night, Andrew and I were picked up by two total strangers, and taken to the local Army Base, for a game of basketball that Andrew was invited to play in. I was able to meet other Americans who lived on the island, and instantly felt part of a tight knit community that sticks together.

I am beginning to love Puerto Rico. The Spanish is hard to understand, the drivers are insane and abide by no laws, but the island is beautiful. Everywhere you look, there is something to look at. Of course there are areas that are run down, and parts of the island I wouldn't dare venture into, but for the most part, its amazing. So far we have been on an adventure everyday, and we have only been here for 3 days! I am excited to see what the next 3 years has in store for us, and what other adventures we can get into!